PureLogikTrading works with cutting edge technologies to architect and create scalable, future-proof, and out-of-the-box solutions. We have decades of experience providing a wide-ranging array of engineering and programming services that help individuals and companies transform their ideas into trading tools.

Our developers work with our clients to determine which technologies are best suited to their needs and goals. Our Focus area lies in

  • Trading Software Development, including Custom Indicators, Bartypes, and Strategies
  • Windows Application Development
  • Data Analytics and Visualization

Readability + Performance

Software Development is a craft.  At PureLogik, we put emphasis on initial algorithm and database design.  Why?  Simply put, a solid initial design lends itself to both code readability as well as performance.  By default, readability is the most-important aspect for nearly all code as there is almost always a new idea and enhancement to be made as the software is used.  We say nearly because a particular design may require heavy mathematical calculations on millions of raw tick data points (see LogikVolumeWand), which comes at the cost of processor impact and therefore, speed.  


We are the premier NinjaTrader consultants, having completed projects for over 25 NinjaTrader Vendors, including


BackToTheFutureTrading Sceeto AccurateTrade Management Profitable Day Trading
IndicatorWarehouse Indicator Smart Emini Sniper DTS Forex System
GoldenZoneTrading Pure Financial Academy Shark Indicators RSN Capital
The Intentional Trader TrendFollowingTrades Franklin Global Capital EminiTicks
The Indicator Club The Oil Trading Group 3D Trades AlgoNinja
TradersHelpDesk ArcasTrading Newbie Trader Electronic Local
DiNapoli Trading AlgoPrime Breakaway Trader  
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